Are you underpaid? These could be the reasons…

Employees and those going for a job interview like to know what a fair salary is. The former wants to find out this by comparing what they are currently earning with others in the same position or industry. That requires having a look at market data available.

"Is my salary externally competitive? Am I underpaid?" - are some of the questions we ask from time to time. In Kenya, sometimes salary information is not readily available and individuals therefore don’t really know their worth and value they bring to the organization they work for or the industry for that matter. is a progressive online salary survey tool that seeks to change this and employees in Kenya now have a better way of comparing for free what they are worth. By filling out a simple questionnaire anonymously with 14 questions (of which 8 are compulsory), users get a free salary comparison report. It is important to note that salaries are influenced by many factors e.g. levels of one’s experience, education level, company size, industry, region(s), bonuses among many other factors. Such a comparison will give you insightful analysis of what you can do to earn more or get a pay rise. The data is kept for duration of 12 months.

Compare your salary with others!

Sometimes you may fail to convince your employer or better negotiate for a salary rise. Salary negotiation is about the value you bring to the organization – in terms of skills, effort, contributions etc. If you don’t negotiate for what you are worth at the beginning of your career, it could cost you throughout your working years. One of the best ways to increase your earning potential is through salary negotiations either when you are first offered the job or during a performance review. Salary negotiation requires tactful consideration of facts and strong arguments for your case. I often get many questions on “how do I negotiate for my salary”. To be in a strong position to negotiate a good salary, it helps to know what someone in a comparable role in your industry is paid. Accurate data is important. Increase your earning by getting salary information of over 500 position titles on!

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What traits are contemporary managers in Africa lacking the most?

The salary portal completed an employee survey on the characteristics that contemporary managers lack the most. The survey is part of PAYLAB COMPENSATION MONITOR which observes on regular basis trends related to remuneration. Paylab asked employees over the world and also in Africa to evaluate their direct supervisor. How do employees view present-day leaders in Africa? What kind of relationship do they have with their direct superiors?

Answering ‘what are your salary expectations‘ during an interview

Probably this is one of the questions that come last during the interview and most candidates dread the money question. It is therefore important to prepare yourself to answer as it is almost guaranteed that this will be asked in any interview. Of course, not preparing enough can have negative consequences.

Increasing your earning power through your resume

First impressions are really important. Infact, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. This can't be far from the truth when it comes to your resume. A resume presents an individual background and skill(s) in a summarized form and used most notably when securing a new employment.