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The 10 newest job profiles in our salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Office Manager Administration Nairobi small company 35-44 70,000 KES
gender_icon Sales Manager Commerce Nairobi n/a 25-34 300,000 KES
gender_icon Internal Auditor Banking Nairobi n/a 200,000 KES
gender_icon Department Manager Banking Nairobi medium company 25-34 216,667 KES
gender_icon Booking agent Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Nairobi n/a <24 20,000 KES
gender_icon Systems Engineer Information Technology Nairobi large company 25-34 320,000 KES
gender_icon Clinical Psychologist Medicine & Social Care Nairobi n/a <24 27,667 KES
gender_icon Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist Agriculture, Food Industry Nairobi small company 45-54 150,000 KES
gender_icon Regulatory Affairs Manager Pharmaceutical Industry Nairobi n/a 45-54 319,583 KES
gender_icon Food Technician Agriculture, Food Industry Nairobi small company 92,917 KES